Declare All Drivers! New Auto Policy Rating Rules from ICBC Coming Sep 2019

Did you know…

…about upcoming changes to driver declarations and the new rating rules arriving in 2019?

As of September 1st, 2019, ICBC will require all Autoplan brokers to ask you for the names of anyone, in addition to the primary driver, who may drive your insured vehicle. All household members must be listed on the policy, regardless of how often they may drive the vehicle; non-household members must be listed if they drive your vehicle 12 times per year or more.

If additional drivers fall into a greater risk category than the primary driver, you can expect a rise in premiums.

In BC, 1 in 5 crashes are causes by drivers other than the registered owner or principle driver of the vehicle. Listing all drivers in a policy — and pricing it accordingly — is a fairer way to account for risk; it’s also a common industry practice with auto insurance companies across North America.

These new rules will commence September 1st, 2019, and ICBC is getting a lot of questions about the changes. As your trusted insurance broker, we’re happy to answer some of the most common ones here.

I can’t predict everyone who may drive my car in the next year — how do I avoid the possibility of a financial penalty?

ICBC considers ‘occasional drivers’ as those people who are not household members or employees, and drive your vehicle less than 12 times per year. If you often lend your vehicle to occasional drivers, you’ll be able to purchase Unlisted Driver Protection, starting at about $50 annually.

Reminder — if you never lend your car to others, you do not need to declare any additional drivers. If you lend your vehicle to non-household members less than 12 times per year, you are not required to purchase Unlisted Driver Protection.

What about medical emergencies or if I lend my car to a designated driver?

Should your vehicle be involved in a crash while attending to a medical emergency, or used as part of Operation Red Nose, ICBC will make an exception when assessing the resultant claim.

Mechanics and valets who may drive your car are covered by their own policy.

What if I have secondary drivers but don’t declare them?

If only the principal driver is listed on your policy, and someone other than the principle driver is involved in a crash, ICBC will have the right to levy a financial penalty, and you may also be subject to a higher aggregate premium at renewal.

What if I forget to declare an additional driver but would like to after I renew?

No problem! Your broker can add drivers at any time, for no extra transactional fee (additional policy premiums may apply).

What should I do first?

Call your AllWest Insurance broker, or stop by one of our offices! We stay on top of all the ICBC auto insurance rule, changes, and would be happy to help you make sure you have the coverage you need.

While these changes are taking place in the fall of 2019, understanding the impact now will help you make informed decisions about your vehicle use and who is driving it.

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