Did Your Know? Auto Insurance Claims Payouts, Benefits & Disputes Have Changed

The start of spring brought some lovely weather to British Columbia, as well as a lot of discussion about the first round of changes to auto insurance ICBC has begun to roll out.

Effective April 1, the province’s public auto insurer introduced three main sets of changes — a cap on one type of payout for minor injury claims, more comprehensive medical benefits, and exclusive use of Civil Resolution Tribunal for claims-related disputes in place of litigation.

The good news is that these changes only affect people involved in a claim, such as a crash or accident involving a vehicle – a small proportion of all the drivers and users of our road network, and hopefully not you!

Still, it’s important to understand the impact of these changes and what they could mean to you, your family members or employees.

For the full set of information about changes to public auto insurance in BC, visit the ICBC website.

Better yet, stay tuned to this blog for more updates!

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