I didn’t even know you could get insurance renewals to come to home/work!

Best time saver, great service, very impressed. AllWest changed the way I will do my insurance…forever!

Robert T. Vancouver

I’ve been using AllWest for my car insurance for 7 or 8 years now. They make renewals so convenient. In the month leading up to the insurance expiring, they send a letter by mail and make at least two phone calls to remind you that you need to renew soon. You can get all of your coverage reviewed and set up over the phone, and then they will COME TO YOUR HOME OR OFFICE on a date and time that works for you. The home/office service is very convenient, since you can’t exactly go driving your uninsured vehicle to their office to do the renewal.

Gone are my days of wasting a couple of hours driving to the insurance office, waiting for an agent, and going through all that paperwork. Now I laze around my apartment and wait for them to come to me 😉

Callie M. Vancouver

I received a friendly phone call reminder that my car insurance was due for renewal. Staff were very knowledgeable and reviewed all of my coverages. I have been dealing with them since I moved from Kelowna. I can’t say enough about how great AllWest is, and has been, for my insurance needs.

Paul S. West Vancouver

I came here to get my additional car insurance and they were terrific — immediate service with super friendly staff! I also got a follow-up call giving me some extra info, which I thought was awesome — to take the time when I didn’t expect or ask him to do that.

They made getting insurance easy and we had fun doing it. Super great service, and overall a great experience. The office has free parking too!

Lyse B. Vancouver